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Reasons to choose Aangenaam Makelaardij

There are of course many reasons why it is precisely that one broker that should be chosen. The following are in any case some very rational arguments as to why you should choose Aangenaam Makelaardij as your own buying agent.

Specialized purchase broker.

Your own specialized purchase broker? You will wonder if that is really necessary. Then remember that, despite the fact that he / she must report all relevant matters, a selling broker only represents the interests of his / her client (the seller). For that reason alone, it is useful and sensible to call in your own specialist who actually only performs for you.

Your own buying broker can always achieve the optimum negotiating result through years of experience and thorough training. Even in a market where prospective buyers have an advantage, your purchasing agent will in most cases still achieve a better result than you would achieve yourself, partly due to the fact that your own broker has no emotional connection with a property.

In addition, your own specialist can very well map all legal, architectural and environmental factors and, where necessary, further investigate them so that the chance of surprises afterwards becomes very small. Another argument is that you can save a lot of time and energy if you let Aangenaam Makelaardij assist you throughout the entire process. From the second viewing to the final delivery of your new home (and if necessary also afterwards) your buying agent will actually arrange everything he can arrange.




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